Festivals- an occasion to bond and celebrate cultural heritage.

The rich variety and diversity of Indian culture and people have given the country many grand and colourful festivals. The festival time is awaited by people of all age groups- children, youths, and elders in equal spirit. Indian festivals have deep religious connections as people of India worship various gods and goddesses and seek their blessings.

The real spirit of the Indians is reflected in festival celebrations across the nation which bring together people of different castes, creeds and colours to celebrate the occasion with great fervour and enthusiasm.

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Colour trends

People these days are very particular about living in style and thus religiously follow fashion trends. Fashion is something that becomes a rage among the general public. 

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Beauty and Style Personified with Grace

Grace and beauty are powerful characteristics of a human being. Being grateful is not only a way of carrying your body but of maintaining control over your actions as well as your thoughts.

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Style Reflection Of Your Personality

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.

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She is a model and an educator too who is also a Master Trainer of English language under the BRITISH COUNCIL. A lady with principles, positive vibes who always loves to inspire others to fulfil their dreams. Confidence, determination, will power and faith in God, her strength. Her indomitable talent in fashion world is known by all. She has been successful in winning many titles in State, National and International level and Brand Ambassador of a few beauty pageants. Recently awarded with the most prestigious, Nari Shakti National Award. She has won Dazzel Mrs India International at Sri Lanka.


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A very grateful and talented lady, an educator by profession and a Master Trainer under the British Council. Focussed, determined and stylish are the qualities which define her the best and better known to all as lady with a crown but with principles and values. Recently has been awarded with the most prestigious Indian Icon National Award 2020. She is also the founder and principal of Little Laurals Pre School, Jorhat. Her Achievements include Mrs Global Universal 2019, 1st runners up, Colombo Sri Lanka. Mrs Globe India, Northeast


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He is a model, model co-ordinator and an employee working in a private company. A man who is sincere , disciplined, believes in hardwork, honesty and being comfortable in his own skin. Loves to help others always

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