In the vibrant tapestry of emotions, Valentine’s Day unfolds like a scarlet symphony, where love takes center stage in hues of red. It’s a day when passion paints the world with its bold strokes. Red, the unabashed ambassador of love, weaves it’s enchanting spell, draping the day in velvety warmth.

In the realm of Valentine, red becomes more than just a colour; it transforms into a language of the heart, expressing the sentiments that transcend words, capturing the essence of love in its most vivid and profound form.

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Proprietor and Editor-in-chief

She is a model and an educator too who is also a Master Trainer of the English language under the BRITISH COUNCIL. A lady with principles, and positive vibes who always loves to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. Confidence, determination, willpower, and faith in God, her strength. Her indomitable talent in the fashion world is known by all. She has been successful in winning many titles at State, National, and International levels and Brand Ambassador for a few beauty pageants. Recently awarded with the most prestigious, Nari Shakti National Award. She has won

Dazzel Mrs India International at Sri Lanka.


Copy Editor

A very grateful and talented lady, an educator by profession and a Master Trainer under the British Council. Focussed, determined and stylish are the qualities which define her the best and better known to all as lady with a crown but with principles and values. Recently has been awarded with the most prestigious Indian Icon National Award 2020. She is also the founder and principal of Little Laurals Pre School, Jorhat. Her Achievements include Mrs Global Universal 2019, 1st runners up, Colombo Sri Lanka. Mrs Globe India, Northeast

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